Folklore ensemble Hanýsek from Šakvice consists from 20 girls and boys aged from 9 to 18 years. In prep there is another 15 children aged from 5-9 years and we call them Small Hanýsek. The ensemble is member of FOS ČR. Šakvice village is placed in Hustopeče microregion, under Palava hill, near to Novomlýnská dam. It is on half of route from Brno to Břeclav. Šakvice doesnt have any folklore traditions nor original costumes but we are hardly working and trying to overcome this. Village is known for its brassband music tradition.


The ensemble was established in April 2003 and since then children meet twice a week on regular rehersals. Their ensemble leaders are Ivana Holásková and Petra Osičková. Their first performance was on occasion of brassband feast in Hustopeče and they introduced their new costumes, which were sewn by Ms Marie Šuralová and Jana Šlorová. Currently all the costumes are maintained by Ms Šuralová and Ms Zdenka Kosová helps her with embroideries.


At the beginning of ensemble, most of performances were accompanied by CD recordings, which were done by CM Guráš from Velké Bílovice. During the first years children tried live accompany of famous moravian cimbalom musics like CM F.Černého from Brno, CM Šmytec from Brno, CM Cifra, CM Jožky Severina of CM Fialka. Currently we cooperate with CM of Osičkas siblings, which accompanies us on most of actions.

We are doing folklore mostely from our district Hanácké Slovácko, but also from surrounding regions and from Slovakia.

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